New indictment adds rape, kidnapping charges for GPD Officers

Guam Police Department Officers Mario Laxamana, seated left, David Manila, seated center, and Anthony Quenga, seated right.

Noon: A second superseding indictment has added seven new charges — including allegations of kidnapping and rape — to the Blue House case. The case alleges that three police officers assisted in running a Tamuning brothel.

The new indictment makes a total 26 charges against the three police officers and three Blue house supervisors accused of operating a brothel in Tamuning.

Officers Anthony Quenga, David Manila and Mario Laxamana have been charged with nine counts of kidnapping, nine counts of felonious restraint, criminal facilitation and attempting to compel prostitution in addition to the charges they already faced.

Anthony Quenga was also charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, which are allegations of rape and molestation. First-degree criminal sexual conduct can carry a life sentence.

Freda Eseun was charged with nine counts of felonious restraint and aggravates assault in addition to the charges she previously faced.

Song Ja Cha was charged with nine counts of felonious restraint, two counts of aggravated assault and assault in addition to the charges she previously faced.

The suspects previously faced a total of 18 counts of promoting prostitution as a third-degree felony, but they now face only 12, according to the new indictment.

During a Superior Court of Guam hearing today, Judge Anita Sukola also heard arguments to dismiss the charges against the three police officer suspects. After about an hour of arguments, Sukola said she would take the motions under advisement.

10 a.m. Another superseding indictment has been handed down in the Blue House case. Superior Court of Guam Judge Anita Sukola said this morning that the second indictment could change or delay arguments in the case.

“There might be additional motions as a result of the second superseding indictment,” Sukola said.

An indictment like this one has the ability to add more charges or defendants to an on-going court case. The first superseding indictment in this case, which was filed a little over a week ago, added charges against three police officers.

It is not yet clear what are the impacts of the second superseding indictment, however. The Superior Court of Guam was unable to release a copy this morning. Changes to the case, if any, were not discussed openly during the court hearing.

The Blue House court case is expected to resume today at 11 a.m., when defense attorneys for the three police officers plan to argue to dismiss the case.

Officers David Manila, Mario Laxamana and Anthony Quenga have been accused of being inappropriately involved with the Blue House brothel, which forced atleast nine women into prostitution between 2004 and 2008.

The brothel owner, Song Ja Cha, is already serving life in federal prison, but faces additional charges in local court as well. Her supervisor, Freda Eseun, also faces charges in local court.


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