David Manila, Anthony Quenga and Mario Laxamana of Guam Police Department

Anthony Quenga, David Manila and Mario Laxamana

David Manila, Anthony Quenga and Mario Laxamana each pleaded “not guilty” on all charges the trio allegedly committed at the Blue House brothel.

The three police officers and two women accused of promoting and compelling prostitution at the Blue House lounge-brothel in Tamuning appeared together in court this morning for the first time since the indictment was unsealed yesterday.

Another supervisor, Saknin Weria, appeared in court with Cha and Eseun. However, her name doesn’t appear on the indictment.

Manila, Laxamana and Quenga are being charged as co-defendants in the Blue House case with brothel owner Song Ja Cha and lounge supervisor Freda Eseun.

The five defendants were set to be arraigned this morning by Judge Anita Sukola at the Superior Court of Guam. They were expected to enter pleas in their respective charges.

However, F. Randall Cunliffe, the attorney representing Song Ja Cha, objected to the use of media cameras in the courtroom. As a result, proceedings are postponed until this afternoon.

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