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  1. Nowah, (Hello) to the people of Guam: A problem now exists, some people just stole your beautiful island! The government was set up to be representative for all people, well, that has changed.

    Changing back to a peaceful government, ran with the will of the people, where accountability matters, where your governmental jobs are secure will happen next year, but not without a fight, not just a fight, but a real war.

    This is a call to arms for all present day warriors, men, women, teen agers, retired people of all ages and from all political parties. This war is not about politics, it will be about right & wrong, eliminating personal greed, eliminating personal political vendettas.

    If you feel like taking your island back, you can start on Saturday. This opportunity exists to change politics forever by unifying all political parties into one. The result will be the return the island to it’s rightful owners, to you, the voters of Guam.

    True Guam Warriors will see the need to stand up and be counted. I realize that with a lot of jobs tied to the current administration, your participation will have to be ran in the background, we will embrace this and protect you.

    Finally you will have a voice, voters of all ages can express their opinion by using political blogs, and word of mouth. Warriors will find a way to win this battle, a very tough battle, so, don’t start ducking when the first political shots are fired,

    The change you will see is that fair and like minded people of the voters banding together from all the different parties, from all different income levels, all races, to form a new Party, that will declare War on the present administration. This will be with the formation of a kind of very different party, a War Party of Blue / Red & White Warriors, a party of ex-Republicans, Ex-Democrats, Ex-Independents

    The present catastrophe “they” call governing/leadership will be gone forever. Is this what you want?

    So What and How can we do this?

    1. Forget every reason you have to identify with any political party! I am sorry, but these parties are not relevant. Only by combining together can you eliminate this very large pile of GREED & GRUNGE.

    WHAT: Is a War Party of Blue / Red & White Warriors, that will consist of kind, fair and loving people who volunteer to run for the leadership roles at Adelup and represent your values and simply do their job the best they can, nothing more or nothing less.

    HOW: Your vote, together with the vote of all warriors, Your vote is the key and it is power. We need to work hard to get all the legal age non-voters registered and ask them to join in the campaign.

    2. Now, please do not under estimate the current residents of Adelup, this pile of GREED & GRUNGE are very powerful and they have money, lot of money. They have already started their campaign, and evidently their advisors told them their images sucked, so lately, you have been receiving all the supposed news about how kind and caring the current temporary occupiers are. Well, this is why we talk about, Be Skeptical, But Learn to Listen. It is so important, teach children this skill.

    “They” will be very distressed to know that the people are banding against them. They will start sending out their people to try to discredit this new upstart, your party, a War Party of Blue / Red & White Warriors whose only purpose is to send them into oblivion, total non-political relevance forever.

    “In a Chamorro sense, the land and its produce belong to everyone. Inafa’maolek, or interdependence, is the key, or central value, in Chamorro culture … Inafa’maolek depends on a spirit of cooperation. This is the armature, or core, that everything in Chamorro culture revolves around. It is a powerful concern for mutuality rather than individualism and private property rights.” Quote from Historian Lawrence Cunningham

    This is a fight that we can band together and win, allowing all native warriors to return to the traditions of our fathers. I will be honored to work along all Chamorro Warriors. Let us begin this battle to retake the island. Thank you for your time, it will be one amazing war, a war that will unite all of us like never before.

    SkiriPani (ski-di paw-nee)

  2. Hi, I think you are hot… I love listening to you sing, I hope we can get to know each other a little more and see what happens from there! I really hope you have, if not now then hopefully in the new feature the same feeling I have for you right now!!!! Thinking of you always…..RB

  3. Interesting blog about Guam.

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