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3 military personnels attacked on Guam

Three active duty military personnel were brought to Naval Hospital Guam Saturday night after a group of men attacked them in Tumon, according to Guam police.

It was the second time in a week service members reportedly have been attacked in Tumon.

The Guam Police Department is asking the public to come forward if they have any information about the incident.

GPD spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia said the service members were attacked by a group of about 10 men, described by police as local.

The attack occurred around 9 p.m. Saturday night near the Slingshot in Tumon, Balajadia said in a press release. Police will review security camera footage to determine what took place.

On Nov. 16, six sailors were sent to Naval Hospital Guam after a large group attacked them with bats, clubs and pipes near Acanta Mall in Tumon, according to a press release from Joint Region Marianas.

“(Police Chief Fred Bordallo) is taking these types of incidents against our military personnel seriously and will work with our military counterparts in charging any individual involved in these assaults,” Balajadia said in his release.

Witness Identifies GPD Officers in Blue House Guam

A third Blue House worker spoke to the jury yesterday, identifying Officers Anthony Quenga and David Manila as two of three Guam police officers who visited the brothel before it was shut down in 2008.

The woman, identified as K.C., is the prosecution’s sixth witness to testify in the ongoing case against Manila and Quenga, who are accused of helping Blue House owner Song Ja Cha force women into prostitution at the Blue House lounge.

K.C. told the court through a translator that three police officers visited the lounge while she worked there as one of the lounge’s prostitutes.

She said all three officers went into the lounge’s VIP rooms at some point, though she never saw them drink.

Another worker testified Wednesday that she did see the officers drink while in uniform.

K.C. said she only knew the names of two officers: “Tony” and “Mario.” She identified Quenga as “Tony” yesterday in court, but said Mario wasn’t present.

She said she didn’t know the name of the third officer, but was able to identify him as Manila.

K.C. said she never spoke to any of the officers and none of the officers spoke to her.

Prosecutors have argued in the past that the officers personally threatened to have the women arrested if they ever tried to escape Blue House.

K.C. also testified that she was never paid for working at the Blue House, except for the occasional $20 to go shopping.

Sylvia Stake, who represents Quenga, confronted the woman about that statement, noting evidence that K.C.’s name is on a Western Union receipt, which she argues it suggests that the woman sent money to her family in Chuuk.

Terry Timblin, who represents Manila, noted that K.C. had received money following the federal trial that convicted Cha.

At the time, K.C. said she wasn’t sure how much money she received, but said later that it totaled about $37,000, all of which she gave to her mother.

Timblin asked her if she believed she would be paid following this trial.

“I dunno,” said K.C.

Allegations of abuse

K.C. also testified about alleged abuses at the Blue House, saying she was both beaten and dragged over broken glass by Cha and a supervisor after K.C. walked into a VIP room with the supervisor and a customer inside.

She also said she was forced to have an abortion after she got pregnant at the lounge.

“Did you want to have that baby?” asked Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Quan.

“Yes,” said K.C.

Manila and Quenga are charged with several crimes such as kidnapping and prostitution-related crimes. They also are charged with sex crimes.

The trial continues today. Another Blue House worker is expected to testify. After her, the prosecution plans to call Freda Eseun, a brothel supervisor, to the stand.

Man raped minor he met on Facebook

An 18-year-old man is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old girl he met on the Internet.

Marvin Glavez, 18, was charged with first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct as first-degree felonies for supposedly having sex with a minor he met on Facbook.

On April 4, officers met with two minors who were watching over a bedridden woman, according to the magistrate’s complaint filed against Galvez.

The older girl told police she went into a bathroom in the residence and discovered a man standing in the shower. The girl then told the man to leave, and he did.

That man was later allegedly identified as Galvez.

Court documents state police spoke with the younger girl, 13, who said she met the man on Facebook.

Half an hour before he was allegedly discovered in the shower, he arrived at the house and told the girl “he was there to retrieve his iPod.”

The girl invited him inside, state court documents. He then retrieved his iPod and left, but is accused of having later been found in the shower by the 13-year-old.

The magistrate’s complaint alleges the pair had sex in the bathroom.

Following Galvez’s arrest, he allegedly told police he knew the girl was 13 but said the girl invited the man over and affirmed that they had sex in the bathroom.

Court documents say there was a knock on the door, so the girl “told him to wait.”

He allegedly told police that he panicked, put on his clothes and hid in the shower until he was discovered by the older girl.