Does Guam Suck?

I’m interested in moving to Guam per nice weather, closer to Philippines, etc but am hearing lots of bad things like:

Polluted unsafe beaches–really sucks if true cause nice beaches would seem to be a major attraction
Lots of crime and you need bars on your house windows, etc
Terrible public schools
Terrible hospital
Lots of stray dogs
People just dump stuff like refrigerators, etc
Terribly Nepotism per getting jobs, etc
Terrible drug problems

Is this stuff true?

We live in states. Being on Guam however would put my Filipino wife much closer to her family in the PI. I think I could get some kind of government job on Guam. Nice weather attracts me.

Thanks much!

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3 responses to “Does Guam Suck?

  1. I would say that everything you mention is true. Sad to say.

  2. It is true in retrospect of what has been mentioned above. But you and your wife should be okay in regards to living conditions. Schools are sub-par, but there are private schools if you have the money. In the matter of lots of crime, name one place that you know of where there is no crime these days(rich or poor neighborhood)? I live in Newark, NJ and lived in Foster City, CA check out the history on both. You’ll find that Newark was once the capital murder city. Just last year (2011) in the Month of March they celebrated because no one was murdered, the last time that happened was in the 50’s. Foster City, CA on the other hand is an upscale expensive place to live, but I see young thugs working at the local stores and not to mention I had two of them living right above the complex I was in. In essence if the person, whether working class or drug dealer, can afford to live in “the neighborhood” of your choice who’s to say that no crime will happen. Bars or no bars, if they want to get in, they’ll get in. Bottom line, crime is all over regardless of where you want to go live. I was just in Guam this past April. I’ve seen accordion shutters more than bars in case of storms.

  3. The negatives that you have posted are unfortunately FACTs about Guam, not opinions.

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