And again, Suba is in the middle of ANOTHER GPD controversy!

It is an outrage that GPD has served a search warrant on KUAM when there are both federal and local laws protecting reporters and the press in general from such actions.  I also cannot believe that Judge Sukola would sign off on that warrant, this whole thing smacks of intimidation tactics to chill reporting on questionable practices by Guam Police Department and chief paul suba.

Chief Paul Suba should have been fired long ago, and should never have been confirmed by the legislature.  He is the wrong man for the job and it is obvious he has no respect for the law or the citizens of the island.

This will not go well for the chief and now that he has admitted that he was responsible for requesting the warrant, he can and will be sued by KUAM along with GPD and very likely the officers who served the actual warrant.

I wonder how many more lawsuits GPD can take?

Source:  Paul Suba has retired

Source:  Guam Blue House Brothel


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