Chief Police Paul Suba

Punch of weirdos.  Kudos to Lt. Gov Mike Cruz for your understanding in removing Mr. Suba from his position as Chief of police. In this modern world, it will be better off without him. He criminalizes a lot of innocence especially those from the Micronesian islands. He is such a big racist who came from the Phillipines.

Chief Suba needs to be fired.  He’s a fuck’n racist and coward .  He thinks he’s a fuck’n military commander in a combat zone.  Cut from the top and we’ll have a professional police force.

Im sure if it was a FSM citizen or Chuukese to be exact that did something like this Im sure it’ll be done differently and more harshly and that chief of police guy should just shut it cuz honestly guam police is nonsense and nothing is ever done when it comes to our kind.


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